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    Residential & commercial


Exterior painting

All working areas are completely covered protecting it from chips, dust and paint drips. At the end of each working day a thorough clean up is done, all paint chips and dust are HEPA vacuumed, ladders are layed down on ground and out of the way, and all equipment are stored neatly. Surface preparation is the most important step to a professional looking and long lasting paint job.

Our preparation includes:

-Power wash all surfaces to wash off mildew and dirt.

- Removal of loose caulking.

- Scraping and sanding of peeling paint.

- Priming of all bare wood.

- Caulking of wood joints and gaps.

- Top coat with high quality paint.

Interior painting

Interior painting is one way of increasing the value of your home. It is also a way to enhance lighting, mood and room space. When working inside your home we make sure to completely cover your floors. We'll move your furniture to either the center of the room or to another room if possible. Any furniture left in the room is covered completely to make sure no dust or paint gets in it. Ceilings, walls, and trim are then prepared for painting.

- Patch and prime imperfections on ceilings and walls.

- Walls are sanded smooth.

- Trim is sanded and washed and joints are caulked.

- Patched areas and bare wood are primed.

- High quality finish paint is then applied.

*When painting is complete all equipment are removed, room is vacuumed and furniture is moved back.

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